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This web page is about psychiatric social work field in Turkey. You’ll find much kind information abut mental health, psycho-social problems and solutions. Social work and especially psychiatric social work is pretty new in Turkey. Many psychiatric hospitals have some social workers their social services but not enough.

Clinical social work one of field of social work which is developing very fast and very popular in many countries. 

Psychiatric social workers counsel and aid individuals and families with problems that may arise during or following the recovery from mental illness by providing supportive services designed to help the persons understand, accept, and follow medical recommendations.

Some of psychiatric social work activities:

Collects factual information from the client, family, community agencies, and others to be used by treatment team staff.

Coordinates with staff in the development, implementation, and evaluation of the client’s individual plan of service.

Obtains information regarding the services available to the client.

Meets with representatives of community agencies to assist in the development of community support services.

Represents the resident/client in obtaining social, medical and legal services.

Monitors services delivered to client to ensure that individual needs are met.

Interviews clients and prepares statements summarizing the client’s perception of the problem.

Prepares applications for financial and program benefits.

Provides resident’s/client’s family with information regarding resident’s/client’s progress and treatment options.

Screens clients for community home placement.

Develops and monitors community vocational programs.

Recruits, assesses, and screens potential community vocational providers.

Coordinates placement of clients into community placement programs.

Maintains records and prepares reports and correspondence related to the work.

Performs related work as assigned.

Social workers offer guidance and counseling to people in crisis. Their clients range from the unemployed to children who need foster homes to elderly people who have no one to care for them. They help their clients obtain government funds, education, or treatment. Often they begin legal action in cases of child abuse.

Typical social work activities

Over 50% of social workers work with young people and their families. They may also work with the following groups:

young offenders;

people with mental health conditions;

school non-attenders;

drug and alcohol abusers;

people with learning and physical disabilities;

the elderly.

Government legislation focusing on the integration of health and social work services means that social workers often work in multidisciplinary teams.

Tasks typically involve:

undertaking and writing up assessments (often with medical staff), which meet specified standards and timescales;

conducting interviews with service users and their families to assess and review their situation;

offering information and counselling support to service users and their families;

organising and managing packages of support to enable service users to lead the fullest lives possible;

recommending and sometimes making decisions about the best course of action for a particular service user;

liaising with, and making referrals to, other agencies;

participating in multidisciplinary teams and meetings, for example child protection, mental health;

maintaining accurate records and preparing reports for legal action;

giving evidence in court;

participating in training, supervision and team meetings.

İmdat Artan / Social Worker

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